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About NCUTEE-Core Competence 
About NCUTEE-Core Competence

Core Competencies

 Core competencies involve

1. The minimum expertise requirement as an electrical engineer, i.e.

(1)The requirement of languages, mathematics, logic thinking and communication skills, and

(2)Knowledge acquisition in related disciplines,


2. Theoretical studies and experimental validation, i.e.

(1)Applying theory to practice, and

(2)Application of learned skills to R&D,



3. Problem solving skills training, i.e.

(1)A clear view of industry development and analysis ontechnology trends, and

(2)Training to overcome disadvantages following the technology trends,



4. Experience accumulation & innovation ability, i.e.

(1)Data aggregation for analysis, design and system integration,

(2)Positive attitude toward success at work,



5. Future career planning, i.e.

(1)Be self-motivated as well as a lifelong learner, and

(2)Improvement in living standards and insightinto future.