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About NCUTEE-Feature 
About NCUTEE-Feature


The features of this department cover


1.  Hands-on training

A major objective of vocational education is making students acquire hands-on experience. To reach this goal, students can takethe courses of interest, and cultivate their professional skills. In addition, students are requested to take a minimum ofthree required courses containingexperiments, and the department also invites executives to deliver speech to students to get a clear view of technology development. Students must be grouped according to their interests, and carry out projects under advisors' supervision so that assigned practical tasks can be completed through learned knowledge and training.


2.  Foreign language competency

As a consequence of globalization, foreign language competencies are seen as vital for students, and a way must be found to improve all the aspects of English skills, including listening, reading, speaking and writing, particularly for those with weak foreign language background. For the sake of English teaching, the students are categorized by their ranking in an on-campus English test. NCUTputs a lot of effort into the construction of English learning environments, such as self-organized English learning environmentand multiple language labs to help students become qualified by passing various English tests as a requirement of program completion, and accordingly enhance their competitiveness in workplace.


3.  Information technology training

Since a long time ago, NCUT has been committed to the development ofinformation technology training programs for students, including minimum skill requirements for program completion and a quantitative measure of training performance.UndertheCollege of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, this department not merelysets up the Computer Engineering Group, but also offers computer-related courses,either required or elective,so that students have chances to acquiremore computer-related knowledge, such as applications of software packages, computer programming languages, introduction to computer network, digital integrated circuit design and microprocessor overafour-year program, as an effective way to enhance their competitiveness in workplace.